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Filo Fluorocarbon 100% Riverge Grand Max

Fluorocarbon 100% Riverge Grand Max

Filo STROFT FC2 100% Fluorocarbon

STROFT FC2 100% Fluorocarbon

STROFT ABR Tippet Line

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Name Diameter Qty Price
STROFT ABR Tippet Line-0,12mm 0,12mm
STROFT ABR Tippet Line-0,14mm 0,14mm
STROFT ABR Tippet Line-0,16mm 0,16mm
STROFT ABR Tippet Line-0,18mm 0,18mm
STROFT ABR Tippet Line-0,20mm 0,20mm


Tippet Line The STROFT ABR fishing line serie are made of polyamid (nylon). This is also nylon, but it’s been mixed with additives in order to improve certain properties. All STROFT monofilament fishing lines are manufactured from copolymers (nylon with additives). The tensile strength expresses a comparison between the diameter and the linear load bearing capacity of a (round) fishing line.

25 mt Spool

  • Ø 0,12 mm - 1,80 kg
  • Ø 0,14 mm - 2,30 kg
  • Ø 0,16 mm - 3,00 kg
  • Ø 0,18 mm - 3,60 kg
  • Ø 0,20 mm - 4,20 kg
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GTIN - Barcode 4.04726E+12
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