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Wading Gear SIMMS: More than just a brand, a tradition of fishing


SIMMS stands for quality, innovation, and an unwavering passion for fishing. Our products are appreciated and trusted by anglers worldwide. Step into the world of SIMMS and experience why we are the first choice for discerning anglers.

The story of SIMMS: Tradition, Passion, and Innovation

SIMMS, a brand with a rich history in wading gear, was founded in the heart of the Rocky Mountains with the aim of providing anglers worldwide with the best equipment.

From the rivers of the Rockies to global recognition

The story began in Bozeman, Montana, a place known for its stunning nature and rushing rivers. Here, the founder, John Simms, recognized the need for robust, waterproof gear that meets the demands of the most discerning anglers.

SIMMS | Pioneering in the wading gear industry

In the early days, SIMMS experimented with materials, designs, and technologies to create products that were not only functional but also comfortable. This early pioneering work in the wading gear industry laid the foundation for what SIMMS stands for today – a synonym for quality and innovation.

The passion for fishing at the core

What has driven SIMMS from the beginning is the love for fishing. This passion is reflected in every seam, every detail, and every innovation developed over the years. "We understand the needs of anglers because we are anglers ourselves, and that makes the difference in the quality of our products," says SIMMS.

SIMMS | Global recognition and trust of professionals

Today, SIMMS is proud to be recognized worldwide as a leading brand in wading gear. Our products are appreciated and trusted by professional anglers, guides, and enthusiastic sport anglers alike. From the crystal-clear streams of Montana to the tropical waters of the Caribbean – SIMMS accompanies anglers on their adventures worldwide.

The journey continues, that's what the SIMMS brand stands for

The story of SIMMS is an ongoing journey, always seeking new ways to enhance the fishing experience. We remain true to our roots while constantly embracing innovation to meet the highest standards our customers trust.

SIMMS Waders Superior Performance, Innovation, and Comfort

Where quality, innovation, and unparalleled comfort converge. SIMMS has earned a reputation as an industry leader in wading gear, and SIMMS waders are no exception. Here are some reasons why SIMMS waders stand out from other brands:

  • GORE-TEX® Pro Shell Technology: Highest quality in waterproofing and breathability.

  • Innovative Features: Thoughtful details like waterproof zippers, adjustable suspenders, and strategically placed pockets.

  • Ergonomic Fit: Provides unrestricted movement for a comfortable angling experience.

  • Robust Durability: Durable materials and precise craftsmanship for long-term reliability, even during intense fishing trips.

  • Global Recognition: Trusted by professionals and enthusiasts worldwide, making the brand a reference in the angler community.

  • Industry-Leading Technology: SIMMS relies on advanced materials and technologies to consistently meet the highest standards.

  • Diverse Model Range: From high-end models like G4 to affordable options like Freestone, SIMMS offers a wide selection to meet the needs of all anglers.

  • Continuous Evolution: SIMMS doesn't stand still but constantly looks for ways to enhance the angling experience through new technologies and designs.

  • Customer Trust: The SIMMS brand has earned the trust of its target audience through consistent quality and customer satisfaction, making it the top choice for waders.

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SIMMS Wading Boots: The key to a firm foothold

The right wading boots are key to safety and stability during your fishing outings. SIMMS offers an impressive selection of wading boots that ensure a secure foothold in all waters.

  • Non-slip sole technology in rubber or felt: Advanced soles that provide a firm grip even on wet and slippery surfaces.

  • Robust & Durable: SIMMS wading boots are rugged and extremely durable to withstand the rigors of fishing.

  • Various Models: SIMMS offers a wide range of wading boot models for different needs, from robust boots with felt soles to lightweight boots with rubber and spikes.

  • Longevity: SIMMS wading boots are designed for longevity and adapted to the demands of various waters.

  • Global Recognition: SIMMS wading boots enjoy trust and recognition from guides & anglers worldwide.

  • Industry-Leading Innovation: SIMMS relies on state-of-the-art technologies and materials to offer wading boots with the highest performance.

  • Fit and Comfort: Ergonomic design ensures a comfortable fit and allows unrestricted movement while fishing.

  • High Wearing Comfort: Whether for short trips or extensive fishing tours, SIMMS wading boots provide comfort that lasts all day.

  • Customer Trust: SIMMS has built a reputation for quality and reliability, strengthening customer trust and making the brand the top choice for wading boots.

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Don't miss the chance to experience fishing in a whole new dimension with SIMMS. Dive in and discover why SIMMS is the choice of the pros!

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