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Fly Reels

What is meant by a fly reel? Designed especially for fly fishing with the fly rod.

The right choice of fly reel should be well considered. Size, weight and appearance play a big rule in the purchase. The weight is not to be ignored. Fly reel in combination with mounted throwing line on the fly rod should always give a perfect balance. They should form a unit. 

Different materials was used on the construction.The reel for beginners is almost in grafite composite, the second processing are the die cast aluminium block what are to most common, and the high end product are the cnc milled reels from a full block aluminium.

The fly reels starts from size #1 and goes to size #14. For explain: In smaller rivers or mountain lake´s normally where fished with a lighter equipment, so a #2-3 to a #4-5 rod class, and for this has be needed a light reel in the same class description. Fly reels in class #5 to #7 was used on the standard fly fishing on trout or grayling. The bigger reel from #8 up to #13 can take a lot of backing and was used for streamer fishing on pike, stellhead or salmon. They must have a reliable braking system.

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