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Dubbing for flyt tying

Which dubbing for which fly pattern? This question arises almost everyone who wants to tie a new fly.

Here you will find a large selection of natural and synthetic dubbing. With us you get the most common dubbing in practical eight, ten or twelve DUBBING DISPENSER. This means that a beginner will always have the right dubbing color ready with his first fly patterns. For years rabbit and squirrel fur have been one of the most important basic materials in processed versions. Antron, Angora, Deer and Beaver Dubbing has also become an indispensable part of the tying table. These natural fibers are increasingly mixed with synthetic materials such as UV Ice Holo Dub, Spectra Flash Dubbing and Micro Flash Dubbing. Try mixing different dubbings yourself so you get unique fly patterns.

For tying streamers and small prey fish, we offer bait fish dubbing, which consists of 4 different UV fibers that significantly increase the fly's catchability. The widespread Czech-Nymph Dubbing is used as body material for “CZECH NYMPHS” and thanks to its large color palette of almost 40 colors.