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Synthetic Hair

Synthetic Hair


Synthetic tying material is indispensable in the realization of salt and freshwater streamers. Synthetic fibers have the great advantage of not absorbing water. No matter how big pike or danube salmon streamer are bound with these materials without gaining weight a natural swimming behavior and a realistic appearance is possible.

Craft Fur in combination with Angelina Hair or various Flash Fibers mixed with Frizz Fiber achieve the desired "Flash Effect". Free your creativity in tying streamers and you will achieve excellent results. In EFFA tying circles, our Saltwater Flash material is used for the production of saltwater flies. These synthetic fibers cause extreme irritation, making your streamer even more irresistible to any predator.

Pike freaks often resort to faux streamer hair, which can be reworked with markers to give the streamer an even more realistic look. Absolutely new and in demand is the Volume Flash Hair by Sybai - perfect for create voluminous streamers.

A new product called Volume Flash Hair is a great synthetic material for fly tying streamer. It gives volume to streamer flies but himself remains at low weight and is also an excellent sparkle material for wings, tails and bodies. Here you find a hugh selection of over 30 colors, and sure you will find the right for tying pike streamer flies, saltwater flies or other bigger streamer.

Furrybou it likes a very big chenille with various length fibers trapped on a elasticated central core. More naturally textured as “Farabou” is it suitable for fly tying small to big streamer for fly fishing for coloring at will with permanent marker pens. In this category you find a selection of the most common colors of furrybou.

The synthetic new sparkle stramer hair is an excellent material for create tails, bodies or wings on fresh- and saltwater streamer. A mixture of pearlescent, metal and holographic fibers what are flat and twisted.

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