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Oros Strike Indicator

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Oros Strike Indicator small | 3-Pack

Easy to use!

To fasten:
1. Unscrew top
2. Place line in screw slot
3. Screw on top until the screw and nut grips the line
4. Unscrew ¼ turn to adjust up or down
5. Don’t over-tighten

  • Features and details:
    • Does not kink the line
    • Float as much or more weight than the current leading brands.
    • Smooth surface developed to repel water and dirt, and create less drag while casting
    • Made with a Biodegradable additive that accelerates biodegradation with prolonged
    exposure in natural environments, not in normal use
    • Strike indicator top and bottom colors can be mixed or matched by anglers for optimal


  • Size Small 16 mm
  • Package contains 3 indicator with different colours


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