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Stroft 5-Spool System

Stroft 3-Spool System

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Stroft Spool System


3  pc Stroft Cutter Rings

These rings have cutter blades, which provide a smooth even cut on every line, no matter how thick or tough, even braid can be easily cut to the precise length.

3 pc Locking Rings

1 pc Stroft Spool Holder The new spool holder makes it easy to combine up to 5 leader spools. The spool holder consists of two parts, an axel that has a large light blue plate and the actual spool holder (yellow) that revolves easily, so that line is striped off gentl

1 pc Stroft Short Strap And for the sports-fisherman who wants to attach the spool holder to the outside of his clothes, there is a matching short strap with removable, grey anodized karabiner on the one side, and a chrome-plated ring on the other.

15 pc Autoadhesives in 3 different colors

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