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Strike Indicator & Sinkers

Why are dry flies treated with floatant or swimming preparation liquids?

In order to give your dry fly a very high swimming ability we recommend to treat the fly with floatants such as silicone gel, fat spray or the natural CDC gel before every fishing trip. A constant treatment with this floatants achieves an excellent swimming ability of the dry fly and thus a longer float on the water surface.

Why should i grease my fly line?

Of course, it also requires a care of the leader and the fly line. Specially developed care products give a better swimming property, they also increase the lifetime and suppleness of each throwing line.

What do i need a strike indicator for fly fishing?

Fast-flowing waters with deep pools often make fly-fishing with dry flies impossible and you only have a chance to land a fish with a wet flie or weighted Tungsten nymphs. We come across our problem. If you can easily see how attaches the fish a dry fly, is extremely difficult to detect when fishing nymphs in such fast water. Remedy here creates a highly visible, highly floating strike indicator on the leader. Bites are thus recognized quickly and a first attempt can be hooked immediately. We have put together a wide range of strike indicators for you to meet all your needs.

Also important in some situations is to bring the wet flie, nymph or streamer to mor deepness for reach the fishes. Here we need Sinkers, it cames in shape of Sinking Liquid Spray like Sink Fast from Loon or Tungsten Paste and similar.

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