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Italian Fly Fishing Style Fly Rod Ghibli

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Italian Fly Fishing Style Fly Rod Ghibli | By Massimo Magliocco

It is one of the best speed casting fly rods (Italian style) deliberately produced in three pieces to best maintain the right action. Designed by Massimo Magliocco true expert in fly rod design, the Ghibli 7'6'' #3 three-piece rod has found favor with those who prefer to cast at speed but also with those who love the classic casting system since it has a "true" progressive curve that gives the rod the right adaptations in relation to the load (amount of tail out of the tip) that gradually you have during the casting making sure that the rod's attitude (shape of the curve) is always adequate to the needs of the moment. The rod is sold with a replacement tip included.

  • Length 7´6“ coda #3
  • 3 piece fly rod
  • Spare tip included
  • Round brown coloured cordura tube
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